Great White shark cage diving

South Africa is the premier destination for Great White shark cage diving in the world. The waters around Dyer Island in Gansbaai and Seal Island in False Bay offer a unique Great White shark encounters. From surface viewing to cage diving or natural predation, we will best advise you on how, where and when to see this apex predator. A internet search on the topic yields thousands of confusing links, ads and companies all offering the same activity! Let us decode the mayhem for you and get you on the right boat at the right time to experience what you want with reputable, responsible operators.

It is important to know that this is an ocean-based activity with unpredictable wildlife. All operators strive to give guests a great experience but ocean conditions can be rough and sharks don’t always play along. However, the rate of success in finding sharks is very high and operators won’t go out in hazardous ocean conditions. Sea sickness may be a problem for you, so please consider consulting a medical professional for advice on precautions.

Great White shark cage diving does not manipulate or change the broad-scale movements and behavior of this species. The vessels that take guests to view that sharks are similar to every other fishing vessel in the ocean, and in fact discard less chum than most fishing boats do in bait. The sharks are naturally curious and come to investigate the scent and noise of the vessels. Sharks don’t always appear and they are free to interact as they choose.

Gansbaai Cage diving & surface viewing – Year Round

The majority of Great White cage diving happens from Kleinbaai, Gaansbaai, about 2 hours drive out of Cape Town. The cage carries 8 people at a time. Meeting times are about 07:00 and 12:00, this is a full day activity. A Message will be sent the day before your trip to confirm meeting time or pick up if you request a transfer.

You do not require any qualification or previous diving experience, to dive in the safety of the cage which is securely attached to the boat.


  •  Bring own swimwear plus a change of clothing, sun tan lotion, hat or cap.
  • Motion sickness can be an issue. You should ask your pharmacist to provide you with the necessary preventative.
  • We provide fresh clean towels.
  • We supply a protective jacket to safeguard you against the elements.
  • Don’t forget your camera.

General information:

  • We leave later than most other operators in order that you can dive while the sun is directly overhead when viewing is at its best.
  • We normally schedule only one trip per day in order not to work under a time constraint.
  • A trip on average takes between 3 ½  and 4 hours, but may be longer if shark activity is slow.
  • Normally the best shark activity and viewing period is during our winter months of April through to September, when the sea temperature is generally higher than in the summer.
  • Children between the age of 8 and  12 accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome to join us on a trip.

Cage diving -1950 p/p, Children under 12 – R1650, Transport from Cape Town R500