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Launch very messy this morning, strong East wind picking up and causing the boats to back up in the river mouth. Time to explore the Wild Coast from the land. ... See MoreSee Less

A day on the ocean here off the Eastern Cape, Port St Johns is never boring. Humpback whales throwing themselves into the air, hundreds of dolphins playing in the surf. We had Copper, Dusky and even a Tiger shark swimming behind a huge pod of Bottlenose dolphins. Today we chased scattered diving Gannets and racing Common Dolphins and found a curious Loggerhead turtle to photograph. Rain arrived this evening and tomorrow is looking wind and couldn't be better. (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Quick lunch stop at Ndumbi before heading back to sea to continue the search - Sardine Run 2015 #sardinerun ... See MoreSee Less

Day Two on the 2015 Sardine Run here in Port St John's and we are having a blast! Today while resting and having some lunch on the boat, a beautiful humpback swam past and decided to give us a bit of a show. Immediately the sandwiches went down and the cameras came out! Such an incredible experience to witness such a majestic animal playing and having fun!
Photo taken by Nathan Annandale
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Sardine Run - Beautiful day at sea with near glassy conditions by 10am. We found a playful pod of Bottlenose dolphins traveling and playing in the surf. We followed them as they leapt and burst through the waves, making for some great photo oppertinities.
Later in the day we found a Loggerhead turtle and a few friendly Humpback whales breaching. The Common dolphins and Gannets are here, but still wide spread and not concentrating yet. #SardineRun
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