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Hello Animal Ocean fans.
Unfortunately all trips tomorrow the 21st January 2017 have been cancelled due to bad conditions.
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The Dusky Dolphin
Originally named Fitzroy’s dolphin by Charles Darwin in honour of the captain of the Beagle, the dusky dolphin is a very social animal, not frightened of humans and often coming close to ride the pressure waves off the bow of a boat. It is a very fast swimmer, able to reach speeds of 37 kilometers per hour.
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Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped clean up Hout Bay beach and shared on social media! Everyone did a great job documenting the trash they were throwing away, in order to provide better data to Ocean Conservancy to analyse the problematic plastics.

There's still a lot of work to do, but we hope you are more inspired and motivated to take action, clean up your surroundings and promote ocean conservation. If we all picked up a few bits and bobs when we attend our beautiful beaches, it will have a profound impact.

Keep it up and please share this video
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Vid by Taun, Blue Owl Media
Music by Ukiyo - My Eyes
Check out @animal_ocean and @marlinthewild (Steve's dog / Animal Ocean sidekick) on Instagram
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