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Animal Ocean braai time !! With an amazing cake covered in our kind of sea life ! ... See MoreSee Less

Its chaos down there on occasion !! Sometimes there are more furry bodies flying around there isn't space for water. People sometimes ask me on the slipway before a snorkel "What is the vis ?" I often reply "I can't see the vis through all the seals" ... See MoreSee Less

Seal Snorkeling canceled for the next few days - A unexpected swell has hit the Atlantic seaboard, 1m bigger than predicted !! We canceled our last launch today and will hope next week delivers better snorkeling conditions. Better to go ride a wave than snorkel at the island !! ... See MoreSee Less

Seal Pups in the water - After a very serious amount of swell during this summer, some of the pups have made it through and have started to swim with our guests !!! We are so proud of this years pups as we had a big hand in keeping them alive by returning many back to the island after the storms washed them off . We have had phenomenal conditions in the past two days, and hope we can take more people to see and swim with them before winter hits. A few pics from the newest seal pups ! #capetown #adventure #snorkelling #southafrica ... See MoreSee Less