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The kelp forests around Cape Town are just magical. Even at the Seal Snorkeling area, where we visit all summer long, it's incredible. People often miss the small things when they plunge into the cold water and stare at the seals for the first time, Here are a few of those less noticed moments in the kelp. ... See MoreSee Less

Big Wave Surfing Instagram - This morning some great waves rolled into sunset and delivered a great session to the surfers who braved the slightly lumpy and big conditions. The swell came through at 4m 15sec, bigger than expected. I posted a series of clips on on Instagram Moments platform (That's the new circles at the top of your home menu on Instagram)... So go watch moments from the day from launching the boat, dolphins on the way out, photographers on the boat and giant waves ! Including Mike Baleta's silly gaping barreling wave at the boat. P.s. you have to follow Animal_Ocean on instagram to see the clips, that's how Instagram works, not me trying to get more followers.
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SS MAORI and SEAL DIVE available for the 6th October. double tank dive.
Email me at to make your booking.
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