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Check out this month's Getaway Magazine. We are ecstatic with the amazing 6 page article by Melanie Van Zyl. I was all too happy to share my images and it's great to see them in print and share them with South Africa. Please go buy a copy, in stores now and share the seal love. All I hope is that the ocean conditions calm down and let us get out to sea again! I ♥ Cape Town 1000 Things To Do In Cape Town #capetown #adventure #animalocean #southafrica #seal #snorkel (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

Refunds - Due to the terrible weather over the December and January we have had to cancel many trips and refunds are being processed. We are sorry for any delays and will do each one as soon as possible, please be patient and we apologise for any stress caused. Thanks Steve ... See MoreSee Less

After 10 days of rubbish conditions and canceled trips, we are back with the seals. Conditions are great !!! Looking forward to the weekend ! ... See MoreSee Less

Tiger Shark research in Mozambique - I've joined Ryan and Clare Daly on a research expedition to place 3 satellite tags and acoustic tags on Tiger sharks off Ponta Do Oura, Mozambique. The conditions have been perfect with 30m vis and amazing shark activity. Some drifts we are seeing Bull sharks, Tiger Sharks, Blacktips and shoaling Scalloped Hammerheads and the odd marlin, Leatherback turtle and giant schools of kingfish. Seeing Bulls, Tigers and Hammerheads in a single field if view is overwhelming. Ryan and Clare have been working here for 7 years and tagged 20 Bull sharks and now 7 Tiger sharks. The data that has come back has shown the Bulls sharks travel between Bazarouto, middle Mozambique, and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They have also recorded the fastest sustained migration of any Bull sharks at 59km per day... that's a lot of swimming. You can see more of their work at . (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less