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Seal Snorkeling in Cape Town is such an amazing experience, everyone should do it whilst visiting this amazing city. Here is a short video to show you what you can expect, if the weather play along!


Thanks to Jean Tresfon, Dayna Hegarty Grant Appleton Roushanna Gray Lisa Hodgson Taun Healy George Kirkinis and the Animal Ocean team for helping film this trailer...more to com.
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Good Morning Animal Ocean Followers.

Unfortunately there is a big swell and some bad weather coming in. We have had to cancel all trips from today 26th September till Thursday and including Thursday 29th.
Friday 30th September is still currently open online for bookings.

Kind Regards from the Seals and Animal Ocean.
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Congratulations Pauline Searle and Thomas Searle on getting married !!!!! Can you believe it, they met on my boat all those years ago, whilst seal snorkeling. Thank you for finding the time to come SCUBA with the seals, as you always do. ... See MoreSee Less

Dont forget to bring a GoPro with you on you dive or snorkel !! We also have lots to hire if needed.
You can tell how old this pic is by the style of Gopro.. round dome port underwater must be at least 4 years old. Excited to see that the GoPro 5 will soon be available in the shops.
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