Sardine Run 2013 – The year of the Humpback Whale

The Sardine Run is a highlight of my year. One never knows what you will find out on the ocean during this period but the rewards are massive, even life changing. This year we spent a month racing around the ocean tracking flocks of Cape Gannets, pods of Common dolphins and staring in awe at the many Humpback whales that crossed out path. Here is… Read More

Sardine Run 2012 – Image Summery

I’m often asked “How was this years Sardine Run?” and the easy answer is … absolutely incredible. Being apart of this event and witnessing it each year is a privilege. It is an emotional, physical and mental journey that is highlighted by its massive contrasts. This is more than just a diving trip or something one does and moves on from,… Read More

Sardine Run 2011 – Summary report

This year, Animal Ocean headed to Port St Johns at the beginning of June to intercept the expected moving mass of sardines. We spend 206 hours over 36 days on the water and traveled a total distance of 2099km. We stayed in Port st Johns until the 21st of July, allowing the maximum amount of time to capture whatever action happened on that part… Read More