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Buffel on Buffels Bay Beach, Cape Point.

Seal Snorkeling, Cape Town, South Africa, Hout Bay
Southern elephant seal finds a beach to moult. Buffel, the famous Cape Townian southern elephant seal, has chosen Buffels Bay beach to moult this year. I would too if a beach was named after me! On the 7th February 2020, Buffel tried to come ashore on the rocks at Sandy Bay, but returned to sea. On the 13th Feb he climbed out the water onto… Read More

New Elephant Seal arrival to Hout Bay Beach

Elephant seal hout bay, Animal Ocean, Seal Snorkeling, Cape Town
Barney on Hout Bay beach. Photographer: Unknown. The week before South Africa was recently put on lockdown, an unexpected arrival appeared in the waters around the Cape Peninsula… Images first emerged of what appeared to be a lone elephant seal at the famous V & A Waterfront in Cape Town during the evening of 19th March 2020. The… Read More

BUFFEL returns for Summer

Seal Snorkeling, Cape Town, South Africa, Hout Bay
Buffel the Elephant Seal has returned to Duiker Island, Hout Bay. Our famous Cape Townian Southern Elephant seal, Buffel, has returned to Duiker Island. It's great to have him back in the area and we are seeing him daily on our snorkeling trips. He first arrived on Duiker Island on the 14 September this year and settled into his familiar patterns.… Read More

 Buffel – Fish Hoeks Celebrity Elephant Seal

Buffel Elephant Seal Fish Hoek Steven Benjamin Animal Ocean
Buffel - Fish Hoek's Celebrity Elephant Seal Buffel the Elephant Seal is still resting on Fish Hoek beach. It’s the 22nd day now of Buffel's moult and his old skin and fur are gone. A new darker skinned Buffel has been revealed (see past post).  At first the beach goers of Fish Hoek didn’t know what to make of him and flurry of people came to… Read More

Southern Elephant seal Fish Hoek Beach, Cape Town

Elephant Seal Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling
Elephant Seal Fish Hoek Beach It is such an honour to have such a special visitor to the False Bay. The Southern Elephant seal that is resting on Fish Hoek beach is well known and fast becoming a true Capetonian. The Southern Elephant seal, known as Buffel, by the researchers who tagged him has caused a bit of intrigue to the local beach goers. I… Read More

Southern Elephant seal – Who are you ?

Elephant seal Duiker Island Animal Ocean Steve Benjamin
Our Huge visitor - Southern Elephant Seal The Southern Elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) at Duiker Island, Hout Bay, is still hanging around and seems well at home now. He arrived this year on the 29 August this year, and its this individuals 3rd time visiting Duiker Island in as many years. In the previous posts, we are not sure of this… Read More

Elephant Seal at Duiker Island

We have a rare visitor on the island at the moment, a juvenile Southern Elephant seal. These seals are found in the South Atlantic, with the nearest colony being that on South Africa's Marion Island some 2177km away from Cape Town. There are a few reports every years of these lost and tired individuals and normally they return to the open ocean… Read More