Steve Benjamin Underwater Photography

Steven Benjamin, Steve Benjamin, Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling

This is ME, Steve Benjamin, I live in a small mountain side house above a vibrant fishing village of Kalk Bay, Cape Town. I’m obsessed with underwater photography and love sharing my passion with all those around me. I studied as a zoologist and continued to specialise in fish (Ichthyology). My life took a detour, in 2008, into the tourism and wildlife film industry when I took a position with a marine expedition company in Durban. I met great photographers who showed me the ropes, told me what F-stop meant and what to do when your housing floods.

Why take images ?

As a photographer the goal is to find a moment in time when the little rectangle in your viewfinder shows symmetry, diversity, color and beautiful light. It’s incredibly difficult and short lived. It’s my goal to give these fish a face… to the human world.

I want to provide visuals to the great work policy makers and scientists are doing, to bring that work to life.

I try to create images that I haven’t seen before, or images that show how I feel and experience the marine world. There is nothing better than interacting with large marine species one on one, deep below the surface and try bring those experiences back to the surface through my photography. mens health. My equipment is a beat up Sea&Sea housing, Nikonos strobes and a Nikon D70 (popular in 2004!!) with a dome port I’ve polished three times due to seal and shark bites.

Jim Richardson said “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” In my case, swim in front of more interesting stuff.

Steve On Camera

My friends at Green Renaissance made a short film about me and my dog, Marlin. The film they created is simply magical and wonderful. Please have a watch and go deeper and explore their other film creations. You can join us for the same adventure and snorkeling with the same seals.