Underwater Photography

Steve Benjamin underwater photography Animal Ocean

I live a small mountain side house above a vibrant fishing village of Kalk Bay, Cape Town and I’m obsessed with underwater photography. I studied as a zoologist and continued to specialise in fish (Ichthyology). My life took a detour, in 2008, into the tourism and wildlife film industry when I took a position with a marine expedition company in Durban. Here I met great photographers who showed me the ropes, told me what F-stop meant and what to do when your housing floods !

I returned to Cape Town to run photographic expeditions and generally keep myself mask-to-nose with interesting creatures and helping others get the images they wanted. In the process of driving boats, anticipating weather patterns and animal behaviour as well as guiding photographers. I’ve managed to take some images of my own, enough that I’ve felt the need to create a portfolio.

I try to create images that I haven’t seen before, or images that show how I feel and experience the marine world. I enjoy interacting with large marine species one on one, deep below the surface and try bring those experiences back to the surface through my photography. I use an beat up Sea&Sea housing, Nikonos strobes and a Nikon D70 (popular in 2004!!) with a dome port I’ve polished three times due to seal and shark bites.

Jim Richardson said “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” In my case, swim in front of more interesting stuff, and thats what I strive to do!

My friends at Green Renaissance made a short film about me and my dog, Marlin, and followed me around for a day, chatting, swimming and on the boat at Hout Bay. The film they created is simply magical and wonderful. Please have a watch and go deeper and explore their other film creations.