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We want to share our passion for the ocean and its creatures with you! Animal Ocean provides intimate marine wildlife experiences for everyone. From the first email to the departing handshake, we aim to give honest advice and thorough planning to provide you with unforgettable marine wildlife experiences. Through knowledgeable guides and great equipment, we will share our love for the ocean with you, as we see it!

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We offer incredible marine wildlife encounters, from snorkelling day trips to photographic diving expeditions. We will help you plan and execute your ultimate ocean experience or shoot, making sure you are in the right place at the right time.

Our specialities are:
  • Cape Fur Seal snorkeling and Scuba diving

  • Big Wave Surfing

  • Cape Photographic expeditions

  • Scuba Dives

Animal Ocean has continued to learn, innovate and provide amazing experiences to all who interact with us. We cater to all, from non-swimmers in life-jackets gazing nose to mask with Cape Fur seals, to National Geographic photographers looking for never-before captured images. Most importantly, we want to show you the sheer beauty of South Africa’s oceans and the marine megafauna diversity that only Cape Town can offer.

Giving Back

From the start, Animal Ocean has weaved a path between tourism and academic research. Founder Steve Benjamin has a background in zoology and holds a BSc (Hons.) in Ichthyology (fish science), so his interest is always piqued by scientific work and he has long been keen to assist where research is required. Animal Ocean has provided a variety of services to scientists on the coastline, from assistance with sampling and data collection to skippering and vessel support, as well as donating images and video to researchers and NGOs – we are passionate about doing our part for the conservation and better understanding of our oceans! We’re also always keen to spread good, salty vibes and make the ocean circle bigger, so we’re happy to support key local projects that work to give more South Africans ocean experiences.

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The Vessel

We spend our time on Animal Ocean, an 8 m inflatable vessel and Seal Snorkeling a new edition to the Vessels, also a 8m Rib. Both fitted with new, smoke-free 4-stroke 90 hp Suzuki engines, she will get you to your destination quickly and quietly. Animal Ocean carries 10 divers at a time and comes complete with lifejackets, safety equipment and built-in fuel tanks. The pontoons, holding ropes and foot straps provide comfortable and firm seating for everyone. The Animal Ocean vessel has travelled the coastline extensively on 7 Sardine Run seasons, motored to the tuna grounds off Cape Point, kept up with the action while watching big wave surfing and conducted thousands of inshore diving trips. She handles perfectly in some of the roughest and strongest winds Cape Town can offer!

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