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Steve Benjamin


Steven Benjamin started Animal Ocean in 2009 as a way to keep himself on the ocean and experiencing the wonders beneath the waves. A degree in Zoology broadened his understanding of the natural world and the in-water skills he developed through spearfishing and photography set him in good stead to share the ocean with others. He has guided BBC and National Geographic photographers in South Africa and abroad as well as thousands of adventurous visitors to Cape Town. He pursues a passion for underwater photography and growing his understanding of South Africa’s diverse coastline. He is a happy and Friendly person and will share all his knowledge with a smile.

Favourite sea creature: Sea Otter.

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Lara Caine


Lara Caine was a born water lover, sailing from an early age and growing up on boats.
She is a deputy coxsain of the Kommetjie NSRI. She aims to keep growing her knowledge and love for the Ocean. Lara is a Seal Snorkeling guide, but also skippers out second vessel . She is one of the helpful faces you will see first and have in the water to look after you while you swim with the adventurous Cape Fur Seals.

Favourite sea creature: Turtles.

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Rob Caine


Rob Caine, born and raised in Cape Town and on Sailing boats, has always had a passion for the ocean. He loves anything to do with the Ocean from Surfing, sailing to swimming with the Seals. He is an active member of the NSRI as a Coxswain in Kommetjie Cape Town. He is one of the friendly faces looking after you in the water.

Favourite sea creature: Flying fish.

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