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Seal Snorkeling just got easier - MyCiTi Busses reach Hout Bay

Updated: Feb 28

I’m often asked “How do I get to Hout Bay to snorkel with the seals?” or backpacker owners inquire “How do my seal snorkelers get to you ?” And the truth is that there wasn’t a simple answer. The most reliable, for those without a car, is to hire a taxi. But it’s not the cheapest means of travel and as we all know, travelers and backpackers want to spend their money on new experiences not transport. With high hopes we watched the City of Cape Town putting up its new MyCiTi bus stops all over the city including Hout Bay …but we waited along time to actually see busses tending to those bus stops. But yesterday I watched for the first time as the MyCiTi busses traveled into Hout Bay, to buss stops filled with waiting passengers. So your seal snorkeling traveling prayers have been answered! How do you get to join is in Hout Bay for a Seal Snorkeling adventure? … now its easy, 1) Get a Myconnect card for R25 from a MyCiTi station 2) Plan you trip by entering you departure and destination  3) The route is the 108 Hout Bay - Hangberg - Sea Point - Civic Center 4) The bus stop is the FISHMARKET bus stop NB : Give yourself 90mins (1,5 hours) to be sure to get to us on time. Its that easy and this new system will help you immensely to travel around Cape Town on your other adventures. It affordable, safe and reliable, for example a trip from the center of Cape Town to Hout Bay will cost R10 !!


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