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South African underwater Stock Footage

Updated: Jan 18

Steven Benjamin has been filming in South african waters for many years and has captured some unique once off events such as seals feasting on pockets of Sardines in a Kelp forest or Humpback whales feeding on krill. Some sights like a swarm of Hagfish devouring a fish carcass are over looked but incredibly interesting.

The footage below is downloadable in low-res continous sequence. The footage is ungraded and roughly edited. This is material for use by production houses wanting to get a sense of what is available. Original clips or moments can be specifically requested. Rates are to be discussed on a per project basis.

Dusky Dolphin Baitball (Geen water), 4K Sony - Link

Hagfish, Rock Lobster and Pyjama sharks feeding - 2,7K Gopro - Link

Seal Sardine and Kelp Baitball footage 4K 25fps- Link

Drone Humpback and Southern right whale footage 4K 25fps- Link

Surfing Seal footage - HD and 720 100fps - Link

Dusky Dolphin footage (Blue Water) HD 25fps- Link

Cape Fur Seal RED Gemini 4K 60fps - Link

Cape Fur Seal Underwater Sony 4K 25fps- Link

Hound Sharks underwater Sony 4K and HD - Link

Common Dolphin Gopro Tow camera 4K 60fps - Link

Sardine Run Baitball footage (Drone and Underwater) - Link


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