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Animal Ocean YouTube channel

Updated: Feb 28

Animal Ocean YouTube

We've put a lot of effort this year into creating the Animal Ocean YouTube account and posted some interesting videos about things we are passionate - from Seal snorkeling, Octopii, Birds of Prey, Sharks and Cape Town exploration. The camera team were Steve Benjamin and Dani Davenport. Dani edited them all with masterful insight and creativity, it was hard work. We've put them all on YouTube on our Animal Ocean channel for you to find and enjoy. Below are a few of them, they give a insight to our passion as well as who we are and all the amazing things Cape Town offers !

Seal Snorkeling

This video shows you the Animal Ocean Seal Snorkeling team, where we came from and what a trip with us will be like. Seal Snorkeling is our main business and keeps us buys all year round, so we wanted to create a video (Animal Ocean YouTube) to show you what its all about. We all know a picture tells a thousand words... but video is even better.

Creative Inspiration

As freelance creatives, be it in the water of on land, we all go through certain feelings and draw from what inspires us. We asked Taun Healy of Blue Owl Media and artist Marti Lund (Gypsy) to create an art piece for the walls of our changing area at the Seal Snorkeling center in Hout Bay, Cape Town. This was made for the Animal Ocean YouTube channal a while ago, but too me ages to upload and share... so thank you for watching !

Sharks in the kelp forest.

This video was the first Dani and I created together and what a blast it was. Such a simple idea but so difficult to film every angle of a shore dive to look for Catsharks. It came out so well and led us to create many more videos for Animal Ocean YouTube.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoyed exploring the video content we've created on Animal Ocean Youtube. If you watched any of our videos PLEASE let us know, feedback and thoughts keep us going and give us encouragement. Keywords: Animal Ocean YouTube, YouTube, Seal Snorkeling, Cape Town


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