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Cape Fur Seal Pups fill the water

Cape Fur Seal pups If you've ever imagined a field filled with puppie's and your the only one with a ball to throw for them.... that is what its like at Duiker Island at the moment, except there is water and the puppies are furry flippered seal pups, even better !!! These Cape Fur seal pups were only born in November last year and are now about 6 months old and just strong enough to all be out playing with our snorkelers. The pups are easy to spot as they are pitch black, small and super curious. There is a slight size range as some pups have been suckling more form their mothers than others, but all are past the toughest time of their lives and can all swim well.

We posted

this blog about the first day we saw a single pup out and swimming with us in 2019, and now the snorkeling spot is PACKED with all the pups born last season. Everyone is celebrating that these little guys have made it this far in life. If you want to come swim with the pups please join us ....

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