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Seal Snorkeling Videos - A collection from our guests.

We are delighted with this collection of Seal snorkeling videos created by our clients. Thank you and we love sharing them. We have put together a small collection of videos that our Seal Snorkeling guests have uploaded for everyone to see how amazing and incredible the experience is.

Rent a Camera During our Seal Snorkeling trips, we strongly advise taking along some sort of Waterproof Camera to capture your experience. If you are unable to get your hands on one, we offer GoPro Hero2 camera's for rent, and our guests take the memory cards home with them. The experience with the Cape Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus) is truly a unique and special encounter. Many people are gob-smacked at how curious and playful the seals are with these strange wetsuit coated things floating around with them, and the GoPro's in their hands.

Seal Snorkeling Videos

Stefan Spinnler "One of my best experiences in South Africa so far: Snorkeling with seals at Cape Town with Animal Ocean. Filmed with my GoPro Hero3+ Black @1080/60 and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro."

Kees Kleinhout "Seal Snorkling and Swimming in Hout Bay, Capetown South Africa. Very nice experience! Enjoy for yourself..."

Shannon Alexander "On April 18, 2015 I went snorkeling with Cape Fur Seals near Cape Town, South Africa. Animal Ocean is a fantastic company and it was a really awesome experience. I highly recommend!"

Nicholas Minnaar "Cape Fur Seal Snorkeling trip with Animal Ocean at Duiker Island. Footage made with two GoPro Hero 3's (Silver Edition) and editing done with GoPro Studio(GoPro Edit Template used). I highly recommend this trip for anyone who is within driving distance of Hout Bay. It was great fun :)" Thank you to everyone who has shared their incredible experiences with Animal Ocean and the Cape Fur Seals! We are closed for Seal Snorkeling at this time of the year, but Seal Snorkeling season opens again from September through to April/May. Please feel free to contact us anytime to book your next adventure with us!


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