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Two Oceans Aquarium uses Steve Benjamin's image as entrance.

The Two Oceans Aquarium has re-done their entrance arch with one of my slip-level images and it’s massive! The idea for this project was too take visitors underwater, without them getting wet. Structurally this arched image, will bring visitors from the V&A Waterfront as the leave the surface and bring them underwater.

Image installation at the Two Ocean's Aquarium

Why is the water so clean ? The staff at the Two Ocean Aquarium had a choice between three different images, which were taken on two different days. The clean water you see in the images is caused by strong South Easterly winds which triggers an upwelling event. Upwelling brings cold nutrient rich waters to the surface, this water is out of range of light loving phytoplankton which causes the normal green colour in the water. When upwelling happens the water is seriously cold at around 9-12C. This clean water does not last long and within 24 hours this water turns green as algae blooms in reaction to the new available nutrients. Have a look at the images and let me know what you think ? I think they chose the best one for the job, but I still really enjoy the others. If you are in Cape Town please go visit The Two Oceans Aquarium if you want to experience the kelp forest for yourself, join us Seal Snorkeling 


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